Make your life EasyAir is our way of communicating our strategy of specialism in the forming of metal to our customers’requirement, with 3 complementary offerings.

SimAir Elementary parts
High volume production of airframe
basic parts and subasemblies.

At the heart of SimAir’s expertise derived from 30 years of experience starting from aluminium, the sheet metal work is totally integrated into the final component painted and assembled.

Tactical Supplier
Co-engineering and development of
parts and subasemblies of hard metals.

The location of our Colomiers site coupled with its expertise creates an ideal environment for the development of complex aeronautical components and subasemblies.

Thanks to fast development and production capacities, from prototype to high volume production, this site specialises in the management of complex projects, including welding and profiling of titanium and other hard metals.

Customers’service and logistics
Optimised logistics support including
kit delivery to the manufacturing line.

In a more and more complex environment, the availibility of components becomes an essential industrial issue. SimAir offers the implementation of personnalised logisitc solutions or kitting allowing the optimisation of components availability on the assembly line, in the clients’ factories.

Specialist in metal forming

- Development of advanced means and technologies
- Assisting clients with their individual parts or high volume production processes
- Multi materials, multi technologies, assembly, lean manufacturing
- Availability of people and means for an adequate response to the demands of this business

- Global competences
- Secured key processes thanks to insourcing (surface treatment, non-destructive testing, heat treatment etc )
- Total projects and supply chain management
- Global supply chain management.


Headquarters : Z.I. des Soeurs - Av. André Dulin - 17300 Rochefort s/Mer - FRANCE
Tél : +33 (0)5 46 99 71 49 - Fax : +33 (0)5 46 87 40 12