SimAir has been manufacturing aeronautical components for the last 30 years. The expertise developed by high skilled workers through the years derives from two complementary businesses.

- Metal fabrication, includes all the steps in the manufacturing of specific parts or subassemblies designed for the building of aerostructures (body structrure, wings, pylon). The company’s mission is to serve the aircraft manufacturers and assemblers in the most efficient way, by offering complete solutions for each step of their manufacturing processes.

This know-how is the basis of our reliable strategy « Make your life EasyAir », designed to support our customers in their quest for industrial efficiency thanks to our ‘one stop shop’ approach to our customers’needs.

- Composite materials manufacturing, centered around cabin equipment and focused on aircraft manufacturers and airline companies. All of our team define their work objective around innovation, which is essential to the competitiveness of our clients.

« Be ModulAir » is a global offering of cabin equipment adapted to specific needs of companies compliant with mounting standards and yet innovative and cost effective.
More than figures, it is the human value that best defines our company. Our company’s culture is based on simple criteria, which are consistent with the company’s strategy that seems to us to be the basis of our development.

People, their ideas and the mastering of their art are the DNA of SimAir.
This essential energy motivates all our projects, from their origins to their usage on flight.

Company’s statistics (January 2016)
2 Manufacturing facilities totalling 12000m2 (Rochefort and Bizerte)
280 employees
Turnover : 26,000.000 euros.

Qualifications :

- ADET0025 : Process for fasteners installation on uncured interfay sealant
- ADET0074 : General requirements on welding
- ADET0203 / DGQT. : Tig welding
- AIPSO1-01-004 : Installation of solid rivets
- AIPS02-01-003 : Tartaric suplhurix anodising of aluminium alloys for corrosion protection and pretreatment
- AIPS02-01-003 : Chemical conversion coating
- AIPS04-01-001 / DGQT : Heat treatment of aluminium alloys parts
- AIPS07-01-006 : Electrical bonding
- AITM6-6004 / DGQT : For inspection processes determination of electrical conductivity of aluminium alloys by eddy current method

- ADET0074 : General requirements on welding
- ADET0078 : Structural riveing
- ADET0203 : Tig welding
- AIPS01-02-003 : Preparation of holes in metallic materials for fastening
- AIPS01-02-017 : General assembly and installation
- AIPS03-09-001 : Laser cutting of steel, titanium and nickel alloys

Certifications :

- AQAP 2120
- EN 9100
- ISO 9001
- PART 21 G
- PART 145


Headquarters : Z.I. des Soeurs - Av. André Dulin - 17300 Rochefort s/Mer - FRANCE
Tél : +33 (0)5 46 99 71 49 - Fax : +33 (0)5 46 87 40 12